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Andre Perez

July 2019

Knowing there was something very wrong and disturbing happening at 4am In my attic, I panicked. I called a company that popped up first in my google search. I had someone come to my house and was given an estimate of $1300. As a single mother of 2 college enrolled children, this was an impossible number. I read reviews the next day and found Darryl. I called the number, he answered immediately and we spoke for at least 20 minutes. He was knowledgeable and asked a lot of questions. I instantly felt more at ease. He kept reassuring me that the raccoon (which had 4 babies) in my attic would be nothing but an afterthought. He was right. He drove about 2 hours round trip everyday. And he charged a fraction of the original quote. I undoubtedly recommend this company with the highest rating.

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Dee Newberry

August 2019

I woke up to finding a 3 1/2 foot snake in my bathroom, I initially called animal control and they told me someone would call me back in about an hour and that wasn’t good enough for me. I immediately called affordable wildlife control and he was there in less than 20 minutes. He removed the snake and it was very affordable, any more issues- he will be the one I call.

G Jenkins

June 2019

We have a swimming pool that is not enclosed and all the raccoons that find it just love it! in fact they tell all their buddies about it!! We called Darryl on a Sunday and he came on Monday to set traps and by Friday
morning he had caught 6 naughty raccoons 🙂 Darryl is very efficient and reliable and always communicated well with us. Darryl, thank you! So glad we found you!!

Steve Holmes

July 2019

Can’t be more thrilled to have found Affordable Wildlife Control! After hearing a godawful noise in my attic at 3am I contacted them for a consultation. Darryl came over at the exact time we agreed on and he went right to work. He identified some gaps in our soffit and a/c plumbing. After securing the outside of the house he jumped in the attic to see what what might be up there. After 15 minutes in 130 degree attic he came down told me what we were dealing with and how to proceed . He set some traps came back a couple days later and remove the little a**hole . Can’t thank him enough for his professionalism and more than fair pricing. I would recommend this company to anyone anytime!

Erin Briggs

April 2019

I had Mr. Darryl Forrest of AWC over today to remove a nesting raccoon from a palm tree in my yard. He was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. He was gentle in his approach to the animal and gave me hints and tips on keeping it away. AWC is a no kill, humane pest removal service (poisonous toads are an exception), that relocates the animals back into a more natural environment for them. AWC is forever my “first responder” to any and all pest problems I may have and will recommend them to everyone who needs pest removal. THANK YOU, Darryl, not only for your your quick response and kindness to me but also for your service to our country. Erin Briggs



My company has done work many times with Affordable Wildlife.
Every time has been a great experience. The work is completed efficiently and with a great deal of compassion for the animals.
His company has removed bats, raccoon’s, snakes and ducks from the property.
He is always affordable and truly a pleasure to do business with.
As a company, it is highly recommended.

Dee Bussert LCAM
Oasis at Pearl Lake Condominiums

We live next door to a wooded lot and when I discovered that we had a rodent (mice and rats) problem at my house, I looked in the yellow pages under Pest Control and found an ad for Affordable Wildlife Control. I called and Darryl Forrest, their project administrator, came out the very next morning. After his evaluation of our problem, I had to tell him that I couldn’t afford the treatment he was recommending. You see, my wife was in a coma for 72 days in 1993 and I’ve been her caregiver ever since.

I haven’t been able to work because she has needed 24-hour supervision and care making finances extremely tight every day of our lives. Darryl left knowing that we couldn’t take care of our problem. Then he called the next mooring to tell me that he and his manager wanted to come see us Monday morning. My first thought was, “Oh boy, here comes the sales pitch”, but I said okay. Over the weekend I decided to call him back Monday morning and tell him not to come because we couldn’t afford even a partial treatment. So when I called he said they were already on their way and I would understand better when they arrived. When they got here, to my emotional surprise, the conversation went something like this:

Mr. Harrington, every once in awhile my company believes in giving back to the community and we want to solve your problem, for free. Merry Christmas from all of us at Affordable Wildlife Control. With that the CEO (Darryl) of the company pulls up in a third truck. He is there to present us with this wonderful Christmas gift also and within 5 minutes, 4 mores trucks, pulled up. I have totally blown away and to be completely honest, they brought tears to my eyes. So for the next 3 hours, a crew of 6 men completely buttoned up our house, with foam, concrete and other things I had never even heard of so that nothing could get in our house. Six of the most professional guys I’ve ever seen. All of them giving and working from the heart. Darryl comes back every couple of days to check the traps, see if there is anything else we might need and our problem is completely solved. Whew!!! What a relief. Just imagine having rats and mice in your attack and around your house and not being able to do anything about it. What this company has done for us is like having a 10,000-pound weight lifted off our shoulders. I’ve never been one to accept charity, but Darryl Forrest, AFFORDABLE WILDLIFE CONTROL, and all those guys wouldn’t have it any other way. They were determined to help. Thank you, all of you.
There really is a Santa Clause and he has Red Hair…LOL….Thanks again Darryl Words cannot say how much it is appreciated…

Sincerely and gratefully,
Rick Harrington


I am writing this letter regarding Darryl Forrest from Affordable Wildlife Control.
His knowledge and experience with animals have truly made him a top competitor in this industry.
It was very important to us that we hired a company with a no kill policy.
Not only did he solve our raccoon problems, but he also rescued an injured Sandhill Crane while on the
property and took it to Bush Wildlife Sanctuary for rehabilitation.

Darryl has been a pleasure to work with. He has excellent customer service skills, good rates,
he even works on weekends and is available 24/7 for all your wildlife control needs. There is also
a very cute CD that he gives out to children. It’s filled with pictures of animals from his
rescue missions and his routine animal removals. My son loves it! We are completely confident that
Affordable Wildlife Control will meet all your animal removal needs.

Jessica B. Fry
Property Manager
Tradition Community Association

I met and spoke with Darryl Forrest yesterday and today. He was out here at the condos working on trapping the animals that are in the attics, with great success. He has been extremely helpful and took the time to speak with us several times over the past few days. He reported that he was in the area to remove all problem animals & they would not be hurt. He even took the time to explain how the process worked.

When he showed us the babies that he removed we all fell in love with them He assured us all that they would be taken to Busch Wildlife Santuary to make sure they would survive. Thank you ABE for using such a knowledgeable and humane company to remove the animals.
AFFORDABLE WILDLIFE CONTROL certainly lives up to your business name.

Thank you,
Amanda Ackerman

GREAT JOB!! You will be “OUR GUY” for all our properties!!
AR Choice

To whom it may concern,

You are hearing from me regarding the professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and timeliness that was afforded to myself, Lorraine Cheney, and my ex-husband, John Carr, in reference to our raccoon problem.

From the first contact with your company (found the number in the yellow pages), I realized that I made the right call. The representative on the phone was exceptional. Within 30 minutes of my initial call, I was contacted by project administrator Darryl R. Forrest. He was extremely kind and assured me that he would be there the following morning to assess the situation and that if I needed him before that time to just call.

I had to work the next day so John met with Mr. Forrest. After Mr. Forrest assessed the problem, I was contacted and a decision was made to follow the direction that was given by Mr. Forrest. Every step of the way, I was contacted by Mr. Forrest with updates. He always called when he was on his way and that allowed John time to travel from his home to our house on 2400 Junior Street. Little things like that are really appreciated. John is usually a hard sell but he called me and said that this was a good guy. Last week we met team member -Tony . Tony was going to do some carpentry work and immediately explained what he was going to do and then went straight to work to make sure that all but one of the openings where the raccoons were or could be getting in or out of the home were sealed. He left one opening just in case there were any raccoons inside of the roof. We were very satisfied with his work. He is back today to complete the job. Today is to be the last day for Mr. Forrest and Tony to be at the home. When they leave, I will have all of the confidence in the world that we are rid of the raccoons. Our home is for sale and we are ecstatic to have this problem behind us. Hats off to your hiring staff — they certainly have a great sense of the caliber of people that are needed to make a great team

Happy Holidays,
Lorraine M. Cheney, John Carr

Darryl, a note from Dottie Moore. Forrest is a perfect name for you, is it not?

I think you have done a fabulous job at our house. From your display of compassion at my nervous breakdown when you told me I had raccoons, to your kindness each time you came to visit, your willingness to explain everything that was going to happen and to be available whenever I had a question or needed you, like when I needed the foam in the hole that my plumbers left on my wall. Well, it is someone with your personality that can diffuse a bad situation and turn it into something that is not so bad after all. I would like to have you as a friend!!! Your family is lucky to have you. I can imagine what a jewel you would be talking to a class of kids. A true professional with a passion for animals and the environment. Can’t get any better than that!

I will never call anybody else when I have a problem. And if you would like to use any of this as a testimonial, please feel free. I say only what I feel, and I speak with integrity, for all I have is my word!

Stay safe out there,
Dottie Moore
Palm Bay, Fla.

To whom it may concern,

Just a quick note from a very satisfied potential customer. Today Darryl Forrest came by to give us an evaluation of our animal problem in our attic and surrounding the house. Darryl was so impressive as a representative of AFFORDABLE WILDLIFE CONTROL. He was very professional a thorough in his evaluating our problem crawling into our attic, climbing on the roof, inspecting the whole outside surroundings of our house and then some. After that he sat down with us and gave us the synopsis of his findings, His recommendations to completely solve our problem made total sense and left me feeling very comfortable that this man knew his business and didn’t try to distort, exaggerate or use any kind of scare tactics to get us to do business with him. Once again, I truly appreciate the professionalism that Darryl showed us. The work was done & NO MORE RACCOONS!!!!

Tim Bennett

Dear Prospective customer of AWC:
I want to personally write to you to commend your company for taking such good care of our squirrel “situation” at Lake pointe Circle. My neighbor, Mrs. Kitty Cornale, contacted your company for assistance in resolving a problem we had with squirrels entering our town homes and reeking havoc in our attics. The squirrels had chewed through our internal wires and outside vents on the roof and to say the least were keeping us awake at night. Mr. Darryl Forrest, was the technician assigned to our units. Darryl was extremely knowledgeable, candid and professional at all times. He fully explained to both myself and Mrs. Cornale the situation as he viewed it and clearly outlined the details of how to deal with ridding our units of the squirrels, and was most kind and sympathetic to our concerns. He wrote a clear, concise description of the details on our estimate, making note of the potential for fire and flood damage should the squirrels not be removed from our residence(s).

We needed to call Darryl back several times to remove the squirrels that were caught in the various traps set on our adjoining roof. He came back each and every time with a friendly attitude and was always happy to answer our questions and advise us of any further steps we needed to take. He and his co-worker Tony were in contact with us at all times, explaining how they would be continuing to make it difficult for the squirrels to return by placing screening over the openings on our roof. Darryl was professional and cool-headed, even after having to deal with a most unpleasant representative of the roofing company, who, in my steadfast opinion still remains responsible for the squirrel entry in the first place. I thank all of you at AFFORDABLE WILDLIFE CONTROL for your exemplary customer service and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who may be in need of your services.

My best regards,
Betsy Rowlands, homeowner
Lake point Circle

When our small development in Hope sound needed help to stop wild animals from getting into Garbage cans and leaving a real mess to clean up, I’m sure glad I found you in the yellow pages. We didn’t want to kill the animals, but we needed to stop the problem. You definitely have the correct solution. In ten days starting, August 13, 2012 you trapped NINE RACCOONS and Four OPOSSUMS. You trucked each animal away, completely alive and unhurt the day after catching the animal to an undeveloped wooded area where the animal could live free without becoming a pest to homeowners.

I want to thank you for a job well done. Initially, I thought the problem was overblown, but, your determination and knowledge of the animals and their habits proved to be just what was needed to resolve this issue. You professionalism must also be highlighted, not my companies work weekends, holidays, or off times but you did. Never once with a complaint. Keep up the great work! It was a pleasure to hire such an animal expert!!

Thank you again,